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Mark Thompson D.O., N.D., BSc (Hons). Osteopathic Medicine

Principal - Light Centre, London

Osteopath and biomechanic to elite performers and leading businesses

Physiologist, Evolutionary Psychologist and Performance Consultant

As a physician and consultant over the past 14 years, i have managed to accumulate many varied and overlapping skills, and yet despite this the description of my work has always remained the same........ i remove the barriers to health and elite performance.

It may surprise you but even the very top performers have inherant structural, physiological and psychological problems that prevent them from operating at their best. Together these ‘unseen’ problems provide the answer to most recurrent injuries, inconsistancies and underperformance.

As an Osteopath my experience with many top international performers has shown that the traditional triad of doctors, physiotherapists and orthopeadic consultants consistantly fails to recognise underlying structural problems. Consequently they tend to MANAGE injuries as they arise and hope to keep a performer going for as long as possible before they either fall below competitive standards or completely break down.

Through correcting fundamental asymmetries and imbalances in their bodies, i have already helped many top performers overcome and avoid unnecessary injuries and possible surgery. Moreover i have improved the efficiency of their bodies such that many have subsequently gone on to reach the highest peaks in their careers.

On top of my skills in biomechanics and physical therapy, i have also studied physiology, diet and nutrition to medical levels and have written a book on evolutionary psychology. This allows me to get a ‘total picture’ on an individual and work out where their barriers to health and elite performance lie.

Because of the wide array of influences and my own personal areas of interest, my analysis and corrective skills are probably unique in the UK and Europe. In 2005 i opened my own Centre in Belgravia, London and when i’m not running this business I work for a selected number of high profile organisations and see a small number of clients (75 per 1/2 hour session; 100 initial consultation).

For more details see my overview, or call me personally on 07976 564143. If this is a service you are interested in then you can also click below to send me details of your problems/goals by email and i’ll start the relationship off by sending you some advice. Oh, and i always give a money back guarantee.

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